What is Rescue @ Etowah Valley Humane?

What is Rescue @ Etowah Valley Humane, and how is it different from Bartow County Animal Control, Rescue Partnerships, and EVHS?

1. Etowah Valley Humane Society serves as the adoption/rescue outlet for the great homeless pets from Bartow County Animal Control. EVHS pulls in pets from BCAC, once per week, based on when the pet’s “hold” is up and how much space EVHS has available.

2. The animals that are still physically housed at Bartow County Animal Control are not available for traditional adoption, through EVHS or BCAC. Bartow County Animal Control’s services are meant to be an intake facility for lost/stray and owner surrendered pets in Bartow County.

3. Rescue @Etowah Valley works with Bartow County Animal Control and licensed Georgia Rescue Organizations, to rescue the additional homeless pets out of Bartow County Animal Control. These pets will eventually be available for adoption through the many rescue partnerships we have.

4. Rescue Partnerships You may always follow up with an individual rescue organization who pulled the particular pet or for any further questions. You will need information on the original Rescue Facebook post, which includes the name of the Rescue Organization that committed to it and his or her unique Intake #.

If you have a question about a stray or lost pet who is physically housed at Bartow County Animal Control please contact Bartow County Animal Control by clicking here.

If you have any questions about a pet you see on the Facebook Rescue@Etowah Valley Page, please email the Rescue Coordinator at [email protected]

You may also message us through our Rescues Facebook Page.

Procedures for Rescue Organizations:

Licensing: Out-of-state rescues are required to use a Georgia Department of Agriculture license to pull, and must provide proof that they are indeed recognized in their home state as a rescue. This can be 501(c)3 or other such paperwork. In addition, we require the name, phone number and email address of a corporate officer with the rescue.

Rescues located within the State of GA must provide a copy of their current GA Department of Agriculture license and the name, phone number, and email address of a corporate officer with the rescue.

Anyone transporting from the shelter will be required to complete the DOA Animal Rescue Authorization form.

This form must be faxed 678-721-6953 or emailed to [email protected]. A copy of the drivers’ license must be attached.

Fosters: Temporary fosters cannot be used by out-of-state rescues who are not pulling under a GA license. Foster animals awaiting interstate transport may only be boarded at a veterinary facility or other GA licensed boarding facility. In order to make use of temporary fosters, out of state rescues will have to work with a GA licensed rescue to have the animal pulled, do required inspections of foster homes, and to follow all other rules set by the GA Department of Agriculture regarding foster homes. In addition, the Georgia DOA specifies that out of state rescues pulling animals from shelters in GA cannot adopt those animals to Georgia residents.

Spay/Neuter: All mature animals going out of state must be spayed/neutered before leaving the State of Georgia. Proof of spay/neuter or a written statement from a vet stating that an animal has already been surgically altered or that there is a valid reason why such surgery cannot be performed must be sent to the shelter within 30 days of pull.

Mature, healthy animals pulled by GA licensed rescues must also provide spay/neuter documentation as outlined above. Rescues not meeting this requirement will have pull privileges suspended.

A note to Rescues about animals needing medical treatment:

If there are questions regarding suspected infectious protocols with animals in Bartow County Animal Control, the following procedures will now be in place.

In the event an animal that has a confirmed rescue commitment displays abnormal symptoms and needs to be taken to the vet, BCAC will notify EVHS and we will contact the committing rescue.

They will then have the option to treat the animal at their expense or remove their commitment to the animal.

In order for this to take effect, that rescue must have previously established a verified account with Bartow Animal Hospital.

Bartow Animal Hospital
124 S Morningside Dr
Cartersville GA 30120
(770) 386-2362

Once a rescue has established an account, they must notify Rescues@EVHS and it will then be verified and record of this will be kept on file at EVHS. Once a rescue is notified of a sick animal needing vet attention, the rescue must respond within 1 hour so that we can notify BCAC.

If there is no verified account on file with Bartow Animal Hospital, BCAC will take the steps they feel appropriate for the health and welfare of that animal and all others in the shelter.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call, email or Facebook message us.

[email protected]